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There are many challenges facing software development wishing to target mobile device users encompassing multiple operating systems and platforms such as BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad, Windows Mobile, Android, and Palm. There is also the difficulty of developing compelling applications on tiny screens with varied input options, low battery life, limited processor power and memory. It is critical to develop an application that blends the right criteria for success. We are well versed in the mobile device space and we bring to the table years of expertise and several success stories enabling our clients to take full advantage of mobile devices to offer additional services to their clientele. 

A successful mobility project requires more than just applications. Our strategy includes a complete mobility solution, mobile device management, project administration, GPS Tracking and integration. We provide everything your enterprise needs to ensure projects run smoothly and drive high returns on investment.  We not only create an engaging user interface, but also the back-office integration, data synchronization, and the system security needed to create a high-performing, enterprise-class mobile system.

                 business intelligence  and                 data warehousing

Blue Leaf Technologies has evolved into an established Center of

Excellence in the field of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW).Blue Leaf Technologies teams of certified engineers and consultants have developed numerous BI solutions utilizing the multiple COTS platforms including MicroStrategy, Cognos, Hyperion, Oracle, and SAS.

As an independent system integrator Blue Leaf Technologies applies a holistic approach and leverages its business and technical expertise to combine cutting-edge business intelligence functionality with the unique business needs of the particular solution of the organization. In the long run this results in minimizing the need for costly customizations and reducing the need to rely on professional services provided by multiple vendors.

Agile grant management solutions

Blue Leaf Technologies provides custom Grant Management Solutions (GMS) development services that assist our customers to manage the Grants and the compliance process. The GMS platform is designed to be flexible/ scalable and fully customizable - rather than having every grant management process and data element hard-coded, the system allows system administrators to be able to customize activity set-up,performance reporting, workflow management, and compliance review checklists based on the different needs of grant programs and appropriations with different oversight requirements, resulting in:

  • Superior internal compliance control      

  • Streamlined compliance function/process    

  • Advanced business risk management capability

  • Reduction of monitoring costs

human capital management 

These solutions help clients use technology effectively to create a streamlined, automated human resources (HR) process framework. Our highly experienced professionals can help our clients design, optimize/implement and automate the processes effectively to achieve employee productivity starting on day one. During the professionals’ employment these processes enable them to seamlessly move between departments with minimum disruptions. When they are ready to leave the organization the designed processes and systems allow for an orderly, managed exit.

management and information technology solutions

software development and      quality assurance

We specialize in turn-key software engineering solutions tailored
to manage and support customer needs. We follow industry best practices for Agile application development. We specialize in best practices for building effective digital services like web and mobile application, using open source components where possible  and utilizing complete range of innovative testing services spanning test design, automation, and performance.

business processes automation 

Through technology automation we enable our clients to automate the business processes they have just re-engineered/optimized. This can also set the foundation for a new and powerful approach to automate the processes.  

business process engineering/optimization

Our teams helps organizations to re-engineer/optimize current business processes to create agility and efficiency by linking business strategies to IT solutions. We help our clients understand more clearly how well key business processes are functioning and we constantly provide continuous improvement opportunities.

information management services

Our Information Management services focus on integrating and managing all the diverse information assets to effectively provide accurate, timely information to run an organization. They include services in business intelligence, portals and content management and data management.

Systems integration consulting services 


Our Systems Integration consulting services: streamline and integrate business processes and IT systems across the enterprise to address every function, including CRM, HR, supply chain and financial management.

information management services

Our Technology Consulting services: combine technology expertise and strategy capabilities to provide an entire range of technology capabilities. They include services in application modernization and optimization, infrastructure consulting, IT strategy and transformation, and IT security solutions.